Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Swim Post

It's hard to believe but my daughter has been with her "new" swim team for an entire year. I guess I have to stop calling it her NEW team now. LOL She has grown so much in the last year and I'm so proud of her.This past year she has qualified for Junior Olympics and the Eastern Zones Qualifier. In her local league championship she came in first place overall in the 50 Breast and 100 IM. She made improvements all around.

I thought I would do a page to honor her achievement's and with 4th of July right around the corner, why not some patriotic paper!

Some photos from the "old" team.

 Last summer when she first joined the "new" team. I love this photo, she looks her age for a change.
 4th of July party last year,we surprised Kelsey with a cake and the news that she made it to Summer Junior Olympics.
                                                               Swimming for the fun of it.
Looking a little nervous at Junior Olympics. I wanted to hop the rail and hug her. It sucks that Mom's are not allowed on the pool deck.
 Another blurry picture (we were far away) but I love how "ready" she looks in this photo.
 Team photo and believe it or not it's not the whole team!

Cheers to a great swim year.

Oooops, I couldn't end this post without posting this picture.  Here she is at her first meet ever. Look how little she is and WHOA check out those goggles!


Ali said...

Fantastic LO Marie - love the colours and the pics. I really enjoyed looking at your photos too - gosh your girl is so talented! I think my fav pic is the one with the unsure look on her face - made me want to hug her too!

Nicole Maki said...

What a great accomplishment and a great page. Summer Junior Olympics must have been an incredible experience. Congrats to her and to her future in swimming.

Love your LO - very cool.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd take scratch cake over (icky) boxed mixes any day. But I've been sick the past week and I'm not eating flour or sugar so my teen age boys really didn't need an extravagant cake. Hope yours was delicious.