Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disney and Basic Grey

What do they have in common? Nothing really. But do you wanna know why Kelsey is so happy? Surprise trip to Disney. Yup 1500 miles away from me for an entire week! How did I let myself get talked into that one. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but truly? It sucks! I miss her terribly. I think I'm going through withdrawal!! The house it too quiet. There's no laundry on the bathroom floor. I'm not rushing off to the bus stop or swim practice. Eeek. I'm bored. What's a girl to do with so much free time? Clean, do laundry? Yeah right! You all know I dug out my scrap stuff and played!!
I did this page on Saturday, the day she left. sniff sniff. I submitted it to Basic Grey and WOoWoO! I got the email today, they accepted it.

I submitted this page too but they didn't accept this one. I actually thought they would have chosen this one and not the other. I thought maybe they didn't accept this one because I used a sketch but then remembered that they accepted a page I did using a Becky Fleck sketch sooo...I guess they just didn't like this one. Oh well. I LOVE the design of it. I used Inspired Blueprint #16 for it. I like the sketch so much I think I'll use it again. My hubby hates this page. He thinks she looks like a gangster and I should have used a better picture. He doesn't get that her giving the peace sign gave me the idea to use the Live Free title. Non scrap-booker's. They just don't get it!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Spring Happy Anniversary

Yay!! Spring has finally arrived and left already. At least we had one glorious week of it! Back to rainy and cold today. Anyhow I got some scrappy stuff done over spring break. I made a Spring page for the current challenge over at Noel Mignon. I say current because often, I don't finish them in time for submission. No excuses this time. The only requirement was to use Spring in the title. Easy Peasy, thanks Noel.

Another page was for a Sketch Challenge over at the Scraproom. Susie always has awesome sketches and will be hosting a 10 week sketch class starting in May.

Inspired Blueprints has also been coming up with some kick ass sketches! I did this one using some of my Noel Mignon kit.
My weekend was just awesome. Saturday was a perfect day for a bike ride. Now mind you, I haven't ridden a bike in, ok not going to say how many years but let's just say a VERY long time and oh, I don't own a bike either. There is no deterring an 8 year old though. She traded her bike in for roller blades and wasn't taking no for an answer. Now granted I'm breaking the law hear because I rode without a helmet but lemmeee tell you!? I had a blast!! I got in touch with my inner 8 year old and now am on a mission to get myself a sweet ride. I'm sure my neighbors had a blast watching a 200 pound woman careening through the neighborhood. WoooooHoooo Big Momma rides again! Oh check out my kid on adult roller blades. I swear, I wish I had half of her natural athletic ability!!

This weekend was also our anniversary. 12 whole years and can you believe it. I still like the man. Now I don't mean I just love him, I still like him. He is a genuinely good guy. Ok enough mush and on to the anniversary gongs. Yeah, I said gongs. We went to our favorite restaurant, Yobo. Had a great meal. Got ready to leave and waited an unusual amount of time for the check. Next thing I know there are about 8 men with gongs and instruments storming our table. I look at my husband and started to say what the f and I realize he's as freaked out as me. Yeah, they came to our table. Sang something in Japanese and banged gongs. You know only a couple of people were looking at us right? Then just when I thought it was over? They took out a camera and started snapping pictures. Mother of god I wanted to crawl under the table. Remember now, I use to be a size 10 and wellll since the thyroid got ripped out.. let's just say I'm NOT a size 10 and I don't do things to bring attention to myself. Men banging gongs and snapping pictures. snort I'm thinking I'm going to kill someone. What happened next though was so touching I couldn't even be mad. We were presented with our check and instead of a check it was a card from my SIL saying Happy Anniversary dinner was on her! How freakin sweet was that, we even got a little keepsake. So cheers to another 12 years!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Laid Plans

The big Easter plans. Travel to my SIL's in NJ. Have dinner. Have an egg hunt. Just a nice relaxing day in store for us. Nope instead, a couple hours after the below Easter pic's were taken....my girl got sick. The dreaded stomach virus on Easter day! I knew we were in for it when she went back to bed and didn't touch her candy. Of course the projectile vomiting was a pretty good hint that Easter was officially cancelled. Don't worry, I like to document every day moments but that's a little much.

Sooo that left us with a sick kid and no Easter dinner. I didn't have a thing in the house! Grandma and hubby to the rescue! I tell ya though, don't shop on a holdiay. Do you know how many stores it takes to find the makings of Easter dinner ON Easter day? FOUR. I felt bad for them but it was entertaining. They called from each store, Hannaford had ginger ale, Shop Rite has turkeys if you want one that's 24 lbs, and so on. We ended up with a ham, roast chicken, store made mashed potatoes (would love to know what they do to them to make them so good, no doubt a tub of butter!!) boxed stuffing, carrots, dinner rolls and bakery cookies!
It was after six by the time we ate but it was all good. The meal was delicious and although it wasn't what we had planned it was a good day despite the stomach virus.

I'm happy to report that is was a 24 hour bug. She is on the mend, still not much of an appetite. I really am feeling lucky to have her. All those juicy embellies are from my Noel Mignon kit, Nightingale. Not sure if she has any left, it was a great kit. The papers are mix from the Nightingale kit and a Scrapbook Circle kit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cagey Rabbit

Why might you ask am I am posting at 8 am Easter morning? Well because I have been up since 6 am and have already had a half a pot of coffee of course! This is the earliest my daughter has gotten up on Easter. Although, at least we did not have a repeat of Christmas. That was ohhhhhhh, I dunno 4 am!?
Kelsey spent alot of time looking for her basket this year. The Easter Bunny is a pretty cagey dude and makes it harder for her to find every year. This year, this is where it turned up!

We're still not sure how that rabbit was able to get her basket into the dryer. It was an adventure for sure to get it out! He also didn't bring her very much candy this year but the Pixo's were a big hit and of course cash always works for her. "Now I can buy that Tamagotchi I've always wanted", you know to go with the seven Tamagotchi's she already has.

Have a happy and blessed Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Actually Scrapped Myself

Ahhhh, I love to see those packages on my porch when I come home from work!! I got a package from Noel Mignon, Scrapbook Circle and Sweet Pea Scraps. All within in a week. Swoon!! I also got some Webster Pages. Yum. I'm hoping to get some scrapping done later today but thought I would share one page that I got done using a combination of the Noel Mignon and Scrapbook Circle kit. I actually scrapped a picture of me! I barely ever do that. Of course I'm 1 yr old so the dimples in my thighs were cute then!!! I'm not going to say what year this was. heehe This Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday is just beautiful!! I love everything about it. I may actually scrap a few more of my childhood pic's with it. Check out the bottoms of my shoes? When my Mom said I walked early and was always on the move she wasn't lying! Girl has got some miles on those walking shoes!! By the way, has anyone noticed how hard it is to get REAL walking shoes for babies these days? What's up with that?

I went out to Target early this morning and did some Easter shopping. I think the basket is all set now and I got plenty of stuff for eggs. As long as I don't eat half of it before Easter. Those MINI candies are dangerous, I feel like I can eat as many I want they are so MINI!! Yes, I am eating some now. Lunch is way overrated.We will be going to my SIL's in NJ and I'm making eggs for the hunt. I'm also going to make chocolate chip peanut butter bars. mmmmm mmmmm good and easy to make. Today I'm going to clean house for a little bit and then do some scrapping.My daughter is with the in-laws until dinner time and my Mom should be over soon to join me for some scrappy fun. Ohhh, I should call her and tell her to bring my baby books. 4 more days until Spring Break!! WoooooHooooo!!