Friday, September 17, 2010

The Color Room

The Color Room! Have you been there? Well if you haven't you should! I stumbled onto this site and now it's a new favorite!! They offer a weekly Sketch AND Color Palette!
Here is last weeks Color Palette Number 23.

Here is what I came up with. Although she looks way too old for her age, I love this photo of my daughter. It gives me a glimpse of what she will look like when she's grown up. Big sigh.

Here is this weeks Color Palette Number 24. I'm going to have to go through my paper and see what I can come up with for this one!

Thursday PIT Sketch

Here is the Pages In Time Thursday Sketch. I've already got my wheels turning on this one! Check it out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two Pages In One Weekend! WooHooo

Today is the last day to get your entries in for the Pages In Time Online Crop. So far it's been a great crop. I didn't get as many pages done but had fun anyway. I actually worked on cleaning my scrap space and before I even finished it...I messed it up making this!

My page covered THREE Challenges. That's right THREE. Many of the DT allowed combining the challenges. I did Maggie's It's All Relative Challenge, which was to scrap someone going back to school. Well easy enough aaayyyy....I just sent Kelsey back to school. My second challenge was Victoria's and I REALLY had fun with this!! Her challenge was to create a page using actual school supplies! Fun, fun. I used a pencil, paper, staples, an old dictionary page, cork and staples. My third challenge was Carla's Ribbon Challenge and that little purple ribbon finished the page. Speaking of purple??? Get a load of that purple on my page...I barely ever use purple!!

I continued my purple trend with another Ribbon Challenge. I'm not super happy with the photograph for this. It's so much softer and prettier in person, don't ya just hate when that happens!! Oh well I wanted to take a pic before the sun went down but it didn't really matter since it's gloomy. Anyway WootWoot!! Scrap on people!! I'll try again another day for a better pic. I also have a third page to share with you but I don't have that pic in photobucket yet. Will save that for another day since it's not a crop page anyway. I hope all that cropped with us had a good time!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Ok Ladies the CROP starts now!! That's right Friday 6PM EST until Sunday September 12at midnight! The Pages In Time DT has been working hard on challenges and games so head on over and start cropping!

I have two challenges for you. My first challenge is a card challenge. Since it's back to school time I chose a PRIMARY COLOR, COLOR CHALLENGE. Make a card using all three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. I used this as my inspiration.

Here is the card I came up with. Post your card over at Pages In Time in the CARD CHALLENGE section and your name will entered to win a RAK from my stash.

For my page challenge I'd like to play teacher for a moment. Remember the first day of school when you were a kid? The teacher almost always had you write a story about what you did on summer vacation. For my challenge I'd like you to scrap your favorite summer moment. Mine was easy. My daughter and something to do with swimming. I used the PIT August Kit for this page. Those Crate Papers are just delicious!! Post your card in the SUMMER MEMORY CHALLENGE by midnight on Sunday for a chance to win another RAK from my stash.

Happy Cropping!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fifth Grade And Pages In Time Online Crop

Fifth Grade. I woke up Tuesday and realized just how big my daughter is getting. I must have been dreaming about the first day of Kindergarten.I woke up thinking she was five. Once I got awake the reality of nooooo she's not five, she's going into grade five....let's just say I had to hold back tears all morning. I'm simply going to post some pics. For those of you have been following my blog, you'll see what I mean about how grown up she looks!!!

and there she goes!! I was told to leave my camera at home cuz your not taking pictures of me at the bus stop!!! NOOOO SAY IT ISN'T SOOOOO!!!! Next year I bet I am not even ALLOWED to take pictures!! Can anyone tell me where this little girl went from last year? What a difference a year makes! Goodbye 4th grade, hello 5th. Ughhh.

On a scrappy note I just wanted to remind everyone that Pages In Time is having and online crop! It's starts tomorrow night. It's my first online crop as a DT member and I'm super excited. I have a card challenge, page challenge and I'll be hosting a game. Hope to see you there, oh and RAK's I'll be offering a RAK to the winner of each of my challenges and the game. Go to Pages In Time, from the home page go to groups~ Please join the Crop Group for details.

Monday, September 6, 2010

40 Favorite Things

40. Yes that's right, 40. I woke up this morning and no longer had thirty in my age. 40. Sigh. I know. It's just a number but really 40? I mean seriously. I'm not ready for 40. So to distract myself today I thought about 40 things I really like. I'm going to list particular order. Just 40 things I thought about just to get me through the day.
1.My family~Of course...I love them more than they even know.
2.My friends~Ditto
3.Ulta~In fact I went there to day and bought some wrinkle cream. Figure since I'm 40 I better start thinking about that
4.Philosophy products~Amazing Grace, Pure Grace....any of the graces. giggle.
5.Lake George
8.Card making
9.Quilting~OK this I have never done before but I start on September 15th. Right now it's my favorite thing to daydream about.
10.Breyers Vanilla~Just plain all natural vanilla

11.Bakery Plus Cookies
13.Vanilla Milkshakes
14.Making Cards
15.Watching my daughter swim
18.Halloween~I make a big pot of Chili, hot spiced apple cider and about 20 family/friends. I'll be majorly sad when my daughter is too old/cool to trick or treat.

21.Dawn Dolls
22.Summer BBQ's
23.Purses and bags~I love tote bags!
25.The way the air smells in fall
27.Laundry~I know it sounds sick but there is something about doing laundry that makes me feel good

28.Housewives of any county.....I watch them all. Not sure what it is about those crazy beochs but they are my guilty TV pleasure. lol
29.Being a wife
30. Being a mom
31.Thunder and lightening storms~as long as we are all indoors and safe!
32.4th of July~We have a big party every year. I get to see family and friends that I only get to see once or twice a year!
33.Hand lotion and chap stick/lip gloss~I am addicted to both.
34.My husbands cooking
35.Bath and Body works hand soap

36.Yobo~A local Japanese restaurant that has the best Tempura ever!
37.Surfing the net
38.Magazines~Mostly scrapbooking, cooking, beauty tips..
39.Music~I listen to just about anything!
40.My birthday~Even if it's my 40th!!
Soooo that is how I made it through the day. Day one of my 40th year! Not so bad after all.