Thursday, August 27, 2009

Basic Grey Lemonade

Just a quick post today. Love, love the Basic Grey Lemonade line. The pp, the felties, the chipboard, OH MY!

Over at Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends there is still time to get in on the Basic Grey Challenge. The winner will receive a RAK from my stash.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and school will be starting next week. ack. That's early for us. We usually start right after Labor Day/my birthday. Snort and Insert smile here.

With all of the coughing my daughter did this summer it seemed we didn't get around to much summertime fun! I was glad to find these Lake George photo's, taken right before the cough began. hohum. She is much better now though. Right now she is off enjoying herself. I'm really homesick for her.

I also used some of my June Bug. Yay! Perfect for summer photo's. At least I think so anyway. The yellow was a little brighter (ok ALOT brighter) than what I usually work with but since my photo's were a bit dark I was trying to get them to pop.

I'm off now to pack my bag and go scrappin! I hope you have a scrappy day too!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Just a quick post to say Hi! My daughter left for vacation with her Grandparents so it's been busy busy. I had to have all of her school shopping done before she left on Friday since she will start school a couple of days after she comes home.

Here is another card from convention, finally finished! Most of the classes that I took came with the stamp set. This one, because it was my favorite did not.

Over at Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends I am hosting another Basic Grey Challenge. This month the challenge is to create a two page lo using mostly Basic Grey. Click here for details if you are interested in playing. The winner will get a RAK from my stash. Ok off to work for me now. Have a great day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday was one of my favorite classes that I took at CKC. As with ALL the only complaint was that there wasn't enough time to finish ANY of the projects in ANY of the classes. I came home with bags of unfinished projects! I've slowly been pulling them out and finishing them up. Technique Tuesday had great directions so I was able to finish these without a problem. There are two missing though because I dropped my DARK BROWN ink pad on top of it....soooo not cool and I can't find the other one! I should really drink more coffee before I post in the morning!

I used some of my new Copics that I got at Die Cuts R US. They will be having another Copic Marker sale starting August 18th. $2.99 each!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


My daughter is STILL coughing. I am STILL unpacking from convention. I am STILL inspired to create.
Cough and all, Kelsey is off to swim camp today. Don't worry, we got the Dr's. OK. Since she does not have excecise induced asthma the excercise is actually good for her lungs. Not too good for my nerves! It's a week long day camp. She'll be working on technique, learning how to focus (imagine that, she' 8!) and breathing exercises. I spoke with the coach prior to camp and apparently asthma is "popular" this year. The staff will be adding some focus on breathing using Yoga exercises. I already know I will be hearing Ohhhmmmm in my
So far so phone calls. I felt bad leaving her with that cough..I also found myself saying to complete strangers it's ok...she's not's just asthma. Then thinking to myself..what the hell JUST asthma?? Buttt I didn't want anyone to think I was sending a contagious child to camp.
I've still got a little leftover MoJo from convention. Hubby compared convention to Disney for scrapbookers. I think he was right! I finished this page yesterday and I'm off to make some cards now. Funny that I bought a ton of new stuff and instead of using something new...I dug out some of the Basic Grey I bought at convention LAST year. lol The flowers? Yeah,they are at least 2 years old and yes I tried to use them ALL on this one page. I was thinking that I hadn't used them in 2 years, might well get rid of them!!

I unpacked my last bag of loot too. Now to get it put all away. I want to savor it though. ALL of my LSS's have closed in the last year. Even my not so local LSS in NJ is closing! This stuff has to last me until the next big event! I even bought some Spellbinder stuff...I don't even have a machine! A friend gave me her old Sizzix so I've got to figure out how to use it with the Spellbinders. I MUST have nesties!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Finally a sigh of relief. My daughters cough is not completely gone but is starting to subside!! I really need to move, I think The Hudson Valley is really The Asthma Belt!! Anyway I finally started unpacking my stuff from convention. I had a really great time and came home with some cool stuff. Here is some of my Basic Grey loot. I can't wait to play with it!!

Here are some of my class kits, still in the bag UNFINISHED!! That was my only complaint about the classes there was just NOT enough time to finish the projects. The rest is still packed but I'll be sure to post more soon. Plus I need to put it away slowly so the hubby doesn't see how much more I came home with. LOL

I went to a couple of crops while I was there. The space is limited so I brought a bunch of card kits with me. Basic Grey of course. This card kit is the only project I finished while I was there!! I'm going to a friends tomorrow and plan on bringing my unfinished class projects. Wish me luck on getting them done. We usually chat more than we scrap! Plus I will be bringing my daughter with me. Not quite ready to let her out of my site and she likes to scrap too. So yeah, I'm not getting anything done tomorrow either. LOL At least it's a day out with friends!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back from Valley Forge

Well I'm back from the Creating Keepsakes Convention. I had a fabulous time and even was in a class taught by Susan Opel, excuse me Susan R Opel. Unfortunately I came home to this.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here before but my daughter has asthma. Since she started swimming last year (she doesn't have exercise induced asthma)she has done fabulous. We had hoped the exercise was helping and praying that she was growing out of it. She has even been off Singulair since last summer and has only had to use her machine a few times, mostly in the spring and fall....however in the last month we have been to the Dr. 3 times for her cough and yes....I'm still scratching my head about how she can swim like a fish but can't breath while lying in bed?!

Right before I went away I had her to the Dr and she seemed to be on the mend (again) of course have figured out by now that things went really down hill while I was away. The cough got worse and she's just not moving air through her lungs...god I hate writing that as much as I hated hearing it. She is now on a TON of meds that I know will help but I still can't stop looking at my counter covered with meds and think WOW I'm going to put all that into an 8 year old!!!

Soooo I have tons of projects and goodies to share with you but those pics are going to have wait another day or two. You know I hit that Basic Grey booth hard!! Wisteria, Lemonade and June Bug oh my!! Don't forget Eskimo Kisses...sigh. I took this picture of Kelsey right before I left.

and look what I found...

I also came home to an award from my blogging buddy Mandy. She is SUPER talented and I'm honored that she gave ME and award! Again when things calm down I'll get that posted too because now I get to pass that award onto my bloggin buddies. In the meantime check out Mandy's blog. You won't be disappointed, her work is gorgeous!! Thanks again Mandy!

Over at Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends I have posted a challenge in my Basic Grey group. Create a two page LO using Basic Grey and enter it by the end of the month. At the end of the month someone will get a great little prize from me!