Monday, August 10, 2009


My daughter is STILL coughing. I am STILL unpacking from convention. I am STILL inspired to create.
Cough and all, Kelsey is off to swim camp today. Don't worry, we got the Dr's. OK. Since she does not have excecise induced asthma the excercise is actually good for her lungs. Not too good for my nerves! It's a week long day camp. She'll be working on technique, learning how to focus (imagine that, she' 8!) and breathing exercises. I spoke with the coach prior to camp and apparently asthma is "popular" this year. The staff will be adding some focus on breathing using Yoga exercises. I already know I will be hearing Ohhhmmmm in my
So far so phone calls. I felt bad leaving her with that cough..I also found myself saying to complete strangers it's ok...she's not's just asthma. Then thinking to myself..what the hell JUST asthma?? Buttt I didn't want anyone to think I was sending a contagious child to camp.
I've still got a little leftover MoJo from convention. Hubby compared convention to Disney for scrapbookers. I think he was right! I finished this page yesterday and I'm off to make some cards now. Funny that I bought a ton of new stuff and instead of using something new...I dug out some of the Basic Grey I bought at convention LAST year. lol The flowers? Yeah,they are at least 2 years old and yes I tried to use them ALL on this one page. I was thinking that I hadn't used them in 2 years, might well get rid of them!!

I unpacked my last bag of loot too. Now to get it put all away. I want to savor it though. ALL of my LSS's have closed in the last year. Even my not so local LSS in NJ is closing! This stuff has to last me until the next big event! I even bought some Spellbinder stuff...I don't even have a machine! A friend gave me her old Sizzix so I've got to figure out how to use it with the Spellbinders. I MUST have nesties!!


Lori said...

WOW the scrapbook page is gorgeous. I love all the flowers and the colors are perfect!

Nicole Maki said...

Lovely LO. The flowers really make it extra special.

Great stash. I think between that and kits you should be good for ages.

I really recommend getting a Cuttlebug. I use mine just about every single day and Cuttlebug+Nesties = Pure Heaven.

Hope your little one has a great time at camp - I loved camp, great memories.

Jillene said...

GREAT LO!! I hope that she has a great time at swim camp-I wish we had something like ther here....

Brenda said...

AWESOME layout!!! Love the flowers and the color is perfect!
Soooo beautifly done!
lovin your stash!

chelemom said...

Your scrappy page is absolutely beautiful!!! WOW LOOK AT THAT LOOT!!! IS that Crafty Secrets I see in there?!! : )

Theresa said...

love all the goodies. great layout..
you are the queen of BG... =)

i hope your daughter's asthma gets better soon..

Danielle said...

OMG that layout is AMAZING!!! I love all of the flowers and the photo of your dd is just beautiful ~ she's such a cutie-pie :)

Youch about your daughter's asthma. I hope she gets better soon! Thing is...I've been stuck with my puffers since the beginning of July too. Asthma/bronchitis/pneumonia is running around big time in my lungs too and around here too (our city)...not sure why?!?!?!