Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sketch Book Olympics

I found a new web site (new to me) called The Sketch Book. They are hosting a contest called The Sketch Book Olympics. Each "Olympian" will be assigned a country. I am Cape Verde. Go Cape Verde!! Each week will pose a new challenge. Week one is Cycling. Each "Olympian" must use a circle element and dotted paper on a lay out of their own design. Gold, Silver and Bronze "medals" will be awarded each week. At the end of the six week challenge whoever has the most points wins. Gold=4pts, Silver=3pts, Bronze=2pts and participation=1pt. It looks like about a hundred "Olympians" have entered! This is what I came up with. Let the games begin!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Basic Grey August Sketch-What a Lady

I am on a mission to get into Basic Grey's Gallery again. This time I hope with a photo and NOT a big RED X. I used a Becky Fleck Page Map provided by Basic Grey for the month of August. I am lovin all of BG's new stuff! So far I have Offbeat, Eva and Ambrosia. Can't wait to get my hands on Urban Prairie!!!
The photo in this LO is of my Gran. Taken almost 10 years before I was born. Isn't she adorable! This October will mark the 25th year of her passing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cultivating A Scrapper



The scrap bug has bitten my daughter! Yeahhhh! This summer she and I went scrapbooking together for the first time. I found a store in Wayne, NJ that offered Mommy and Me crop's through out the summer. We were able to go a couple of times. Yes, Kelsey and I traveled and hour each way to scrap at The Crazy Cropper! What an appropriate name. It helped that the store had a Dunkin Donut's in walking distance. Kelsey really thought she was hot stuff being able to WALK to DD's for a hot cocoa. That doesn't happen here in the "country"!
I'm sure Jane the owner is glad that summer is almost over! LOL Kelsey would arrive each Thursday with her gold spangled pursed loaded with coins. Usually about $13.00 worth. Jane waited patiently as Kels made her purchases down to the Penny.And I mean Penny!! Thanks Jane.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Basic Grey's Gallery

Well here goes my first ever blog post. To my complete shock and elation....I had a LO accepted to Basic Grey's Gallery. For my non-scrap booking family and friends (and yes I have some) a LO is a lay out/scrap page and Basic Grey.....well they are one if not THE top paper company in the scrap booking world. That's why I'm so darn excited!!

For those of you that know me well. You will not be shocked to hear this part of the story. Upon reading my congratulations email I high tailed it over to the Basic Grey Gallery. Thought woo hoo I'm going to see my work posted by a big company woo woo. Instead of seeing my Kelsey's sweet face. I saw a RED X. Only me right? For some reason my photo went in as a red X. Only person in the gallery with a red x instead of a LO. I just keep thinking that at least I made it in. If you click onto the RED X you can see it. But I wonder, will anyone actually click onto the RED X of doom?
Anyway here is the link that will bring you to the Basic Grey Gallery without the Red X! LOL I'm sure there is a way to post the whole page here but hey, this is my first time blogging and I'm still looking for spell check.
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