Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sketch Book Olympics

I found a new web site (new to me) called The Sketch Book. They are hosting a contest called The Sketch Book Olympics. Each "Olympian" will be assigned a country. I am Cape Verde. Go Cape Verde!! Each week will pose a new challenge. Week one is Cycling. Each "Olympian" must use a circle element and dotted paper on a lay out of their own design. Gold, Silver and Bronze "medals" will be awarded each week. At the end of the six week challenge whoever has the most points wins. Gold=4pts, Silver=3pts, Bronze=2pts and participation=1pt. It looks like about a hundred "Olympians" have entered! This is what I came up with. Let the games begin!


TanishaRenee said...

love all of the circles!!

vickiparker said...

Just saying Hi - clicked on you from the Sketch Book.

noelmignon said...

Well that sounds like a fun site! I'll have to check it out. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog!