Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cards and Adult ADD

I've decided today that I have Adult ADD. Both the daughter and I have off today and tomorrow. I went to bed thinking that I would get up. Have coffee. Go straight to the scrap table and make some long over due cards! I even planned on using some of my rubber stamps. You know, the stamps that I buy all the time and never use.

Well things didn't exactly go as planned. After a half a pot of coffee I decide we better make a trip to AC Moore and Michael's. I had a 50% off coupon and gee...if I'm going to make cards. I should really buy some card making supplies. Kelsey is now smitten with scrap shopping as well. She con's me into $10.00, a coupon for both Michael's and AC Moore and a promise to go the $$$ store. Two and a half hours later and a trip to Starbucks and we arrive home.

I decide first I should clean the kitchen a little bit. I have guilt issues when it comes to scrapping. Oh I should do this or this before I scrap. Well by the time I finish that, it's time for lunch. I re-heat Pizza Hut. Yes we ate total crap today!It gets better though, there is no gourment dinner coming up! Now we break for Hello Kitty shrinky dinks. We had to use the Hello Kitty shrinky dink oven and not the regular oven. Do you have any idea how long it takes to make a dozen shrinky dinks. One at a time!

By now it's almost 3 and I'm thinking damn, I just want to make some thank you cards. I finally stroll down to the basement into my "sanctuary" and I find a big fat mess. Not sure why I'm shocked since I was the last person scrapping but puts me into a fit and I clean off the scrap table totally forgetting about the dinner table.

When hubby comes home, you know after leaving at 3:30 a.m. and getting home at 6:00 p.m. He finds a bag of Wendy's on the table, a messy kitchen full of Hello Kitty shrinky dinks, empty shopping bags and me sitting on my ass playing with paper. Does it get any better that. After all that. My card is not that great and I've now missed the first half hour of The Biggest Loser. ho hum. I'll try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Challenge Reminder

Don't forget to head over to the InkaDink challenge blog. Andrea has a great RAK lined up which includes some Seven Gypsies and Basic Grey. Who doesn't like those two!

The first challenge is a "me" theme. Make a page all about you. It can be as simple as the color of your hair or a detailed life story. As long as it pertains to you. Challenge is due September 30th.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sketch Book Olympics-Week Four

I can't believe that it's week four already! That means I've had a blog over a month. I'm still learning to navigate it!! LOL So far I haven't won a single medal and don't think that I will! Stiff competition!! It's been fun though and only two weeks left. I'll have to find a new weekly challenge. Setting a deadline for myself keeps my motivated. This weeks challenge was a nautical theme that had to incorporate a transparency.I think this is my favorite challenge page so far. I just love the look on her face in this photo. Too tired for a full smile and Soooo cute squished into the cap and goggles!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I made the Design Team for InkaDink and I'm pretty dang excited about that! It's a challenge blog. Every two weeks InkaDink will post a new challenge. The winner will get a lovely prize! The first challenge is to do a page about you. I went way out of my comfort zone for this one! lol I'm usually the one behind the camera, NOT the person being scrapped. Anyway, here's my page. Now go make your own and try to win a prize!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to School

Well yesterday made a full week of school. It's been a crazy one. On the first day Kelsey had an asthma attack and I had to race to school with her machine and medication. I've been a nervous wreck that she will need medication and not get it in time. As of yesterday morning her Doctor's office had not faxed over the orders! A full week and no order's, can you believe that!! After my phone call yesterday I'm pretty sure they were faxed by the end of the day. I'll be checking on that later today.
So far she likes her new teacher but misses her old one so much that she's been giving up her recess to volunteer in her old room! My sweet girl, she is certainly loyal to the one's she loves.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Basic Grey Gallery

Wow, I'm so excited!! Basic Grey accepted another one of my pages into their gallery. I submitted the page with my Gran and the 6 x 12 Becky Fleck sketch page. They chose the 6 X 12 page. I'm a little sad that they didn't pick my Gran!! I think the page with my Gran was nicer. With all the hand cut items it certainly was more work. Sorry Gran, maybe next time.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hannah Montana Strikes in New York

With some nudging from Auntie Kerin, I finally caved in and let Kelsey have a Hannah Montana room. I fought it tooth and nail but what can I do...even I thought the pastel pink and green was for a baby. I guess that's my problem, I want her to stay a baby!
I also had some issues with the paint colors!! Three walls of Pepto Bismol and one wall that is Pepto Bismol struck by lightening!! It all worked out though. The paint, hot pink shag rug, the Hannah spread...it looks great. Kelsey is so happy about it she's even keeping her room clean. Let's see how long that lasts!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Becky Fleck 6 X 12 Challenge

So Becky Fleck is having a 6 X 12 Page Map Challenge. What fun. A Becky Fleck Sketch and prizes from Noel Mignon. Couldn't get a better combo. Everyone knows how great Becky's Sketch's are and if you don't already know-Noel's kits are awesome!!I initially thought WOW 6 X 12. Half the work, that's simple. NOT. Working on a smaller scale was actually more difficult. I enjoyed it though and will try it again. I chose a summer theme because well...I'm in denial that summer is almost over and school is just around the corner. Literally! I'm really digging this Basic Grey Offbeat line. I think I will make a fall page to attach to the reverse of this and hang on the wall. If I get really ambitious I will make a whole season set. I wonder if anyone makes 6 X 12 albums?

Two more day's until school starts.