Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wish Me LUCK for 2009!

Ok so I love Allison Copes So Sketchy site and since she's looking for some new DT members I decided to apply. Here's what I came up with. The task was to use 2 of Allisons Sketches and then 3 of your choice. First up is Winter Wonderland using So Sketchy Sketch #74

Next up I used Sketch # 73 for my US page


The other two pages are of my own design.

The last page I chose was a page using a Becky Fleck Sketch that I did a few months ago. I was going to submit something new but thought I should show what I could do with a sketch and of course I love this one because it's my Gram!

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

WOW! How is it Christmas Eve already? I want more time!!! The holiday season is my favorite time of year and I'm sad that it's almost over. I wish I could bottle up that Christmas spirit! Another sad note, It was also our last night with the Elves! They were especially bad last evening. Clarissa tied up Maxwell and toilet papered our entire house! She had attached a role of toilet paper to the back of the Barbie Volvo and drove it all through our house! Clarissa's last stop was right into the Christmas tree! So glad it was Kelsey's "play" tree!

Once we got that mess cleaned up it was off to bake some cookies! I think that was a bigger mess than all the toilet paper. I soon regretted telling Kelsey that she could decorate the cookies anyway she wanted. Holy sugar!!

Later on we'll head off to Grandma and Pop Pops. Usually after we leave Grandma and Pop Pops we head off to Watt's Wonderland. It's a local light attraction that has become our Christmas Eve ritual. It's a couple miles of nothing but Christmas decorations. LOOOVVVVEEEEE it! We knew that it would be raining ALL day today so we decided to go last night. As usual it was awesome!

Well off to wrap the last of the presents and get ready for tonight. Soooo blog buddies I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Three more days to scrap time! wink wink.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids Can Scrap

Kid's Can Scrap, but I can't. Ho Hum....Yup. Once again my daughter is getting to scrap more than me. She wanted to enter the Ornament Challenge over at Kid's Can Scrap, . I think she did a pretty good job considering she won't take any creative direction from Mom. LOL I long too scrap again. Is it wrong to be jealous of your child? I wanna play too! I need some serious sleep and some scrap time. I started my 25 days album ohhhhh 2 weeks ago. I got as far as page 18 and haven't touched it since! Shame on me. I've at least been taking pictures. Enough Mommy whining....

Heeeerrrreeee is Kelsey's ornament.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Elf Magic

My daughter conned me into buying "magic" elves from Santa. They arrived a few days ago and have been wreaking havoc on our home ever since. You see, at night you sprinkle magic snowflakes on them and they come to life. Little did I know they come to life and do all kinds of mischievous things. Guess I should have read the fine print before I shelled out 100 bucks for two elves, two sleeping bags and clothing!!When I told my daughter that Santa was a shyster for taking my $100.00 and sending us bad elves....She very calmly said... "you didn't think he was gonna sell you the good ones did ya????"

So far they have swung off the ceiling fan in her bedroom. They made a mess on the kitchen counter because they made a snack of saltine crackers and chocolate syrup. Last night they stole Barbie's Volvo and went out for a joy ride. Upon returning home they had a horrifying crash! The elves' are uninjured. The Volvo sustained only minor damages. Barbie remains missing!

Should you wish to torment yourself with these elves here's the link.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winner Winner!!

Woot Woot! Check this out. I know, I know. Another post NOT scrap related but hey, I came across this site on a scrappy friends blog, so it's a little scrappy. It's called A Giveaway A Day. Day . Today was a really hot looking pair of earrings so I left my crazy comment about how good I would look in them and woot woot! Winner winner, chicken dinner! Tomorrow is Body Butter! mmm mmm mmm! I wonder if I could win twice in 24 hrs. Ok, I'm being greedy but check out this butter.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cirque Du Soleil-Wintuk

Last month my mother in law bought ticket's for our family to go see Cirque Du Soleil. Secretly, I was miserable and I felt really bad about that. She was so excited about our trip and I was preying for a snow storm!! Funny though, I almost got my wish. We drove through an ice storm to get to the city. Be careful what you wish for right. The storm wasn't bad enough to deter us though. The whole ride all I kept thinking was damn, I HATE Cirque Du Soleil!! A couple of years ago I went away for the weekend and my brother in law watched a 24 hour marathon of Cirque. Ahhhhhh!!!! After that weekend I swore I would never watch them again and here I was was riding through and ice storm (that I preyed for) to see them.

What can I tell you???? I was SO wrong. Seeing it LIVE was just amazing. If you have the opportunity, by all means go!! It's great for all ages.