Thursday, January 29, 2009

What up??

It's one of those days. Feeling nice? Not. I had my daughter home sick for 2 days, yesterday we had a snow day and today we have a half day. Don't you know Little Miss Sunshine pitched the mother of all fits about going to school. My stomach hurts, I'm going to pass out, I think I have a fever....ahhh!! Just go to school, you know for all of 4 hours! It reminded me of this page I did awhile back when she was going through what I refer to as a bad case of PMS. Yes, PMS symptoms at the ripe old age of 8. God help me!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sketch Happy

Here's a couple more lay outs I got done this week. Lately I've been a complete sketch freak. The Live Laugh Love is from a Becky Fleck Sketch and the Your Light is from a Lisa Costanza sketch which I made for a challenge over at The Scraproom. My daughter is home sick today and will be home again tomorrow. Maybe get some more scrap time in. We are also suppose to get a storm on Wednesday. I really need to clean my scrap room, ok my whole house but right now I just care about my scrap room!! You know how it is when that mood strikes you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I actually got a few pages done this past week! Yeah me!!! Lately I seem to look lovingly at all my supplies but just never have the time to play.
I used a Sketch by Tamara for the Nurture Your Mind page. The If You See a Chance page is with some yummy stuff from my Sweet Pea kit and the journal tag is by Jenn Stevens. This page is my fave. It was my daughters second swim meet and it was her swimming against FIVE swimmers from the OPPOSING team. The other team was menacing! Black swim suits, black caps and Lot's of army like chanting!! I saw my baby up on those blocks and thought oh man, she's gonna get clobbered these girls looked tough!! Well our team did get beat and we got beat bad but that day but my daughter pulled off a win that that had the crowd on it's feet!! She never ceases to amaze me.

Ohhh and check this out. I got a Your Blog Is Fabulous Award! WootWoot! Thanks Francis for such FABULOUS award. Now I must list five addictions and tag 5 other bloggers!

My five addictions are...

1. Scrapbooking-nuf said!

2. Coffee and lots of it!!

3. The internet....www.holy addict!!!

4. On-line Shopping!! Dang do I love to come home to all those packages!!

5. Last but by far not daughter. She is one cool kid and I can't get enough of her. Poor kid has chapped cheeks year round from all the sugar I lay on her!!

And the next five winners...

1. Jillene-Jillene's Journal
2. Dee Dee's Scrap Happy Place
3. Telah-My Scrap Space
4. Erin-Erin's Scrappy Place
5. Tim Holtz-yea I know he won't respond but come on him and his blog ARE Fabulous! Live The Life You Imagined

My Top 5 blogs are fabulous! So check them out. Congrats girls and boys and don't forget to pass it on!

I actually got a few pages done this past week! Yeah me!!! Lately I seem to look lovingly at all my supplies but just never have the time to play.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happily Bummed

Well, I didn't make the So Sketchy DT and I'm really bummed about that. I knew the chance was really slim, let's face it. How many talented scrappers are out there??? I go on Two Pea's in a Bucket and when I see some of the stuff out there I think damn! I should delete my whole gallery!! Anyway I was bummed about it. To make myself feel better I went for a little shopping therapy!! Michael's has this Colorbok line, yeah Colorbok. It's called Friendly Forest. Usually I walk by Colorbok at Joanne's and think ughhhh, WHY!! This line though.....Too stinkin cute!! Armed with only a purse and a gift card, I walked away a happy scrapper!! Check out all the goodies I got.

I was also smilin today because I have my first ever follower. WooHoo. My new buddy Jillene, she's a gal who's not afraid to dish about booooooogers! Rock on Jillene!

Now run off to Michael's before all these little forest friends are gone!!