Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Scrap Card And Some Easter Pic's

I really wanted to work this card sketch from Let's Scrap. So much so that I whipped up a card on Easter morning. It's pretty simple but I was happy with the results.

The Easter Bunny sure did hook Kelsey up this year and I must say. Mommy is jealous. There is a lovely PINK ATG Gun in her basket and a hot glue gun with flowers on it! Hmmmmm that crafty bunny!

 I think she liked it!
Check out the flowers in her hair. Felt flowers, our new addiction. Good thing that bunny brought her own hot glue gun cause let me tell you....two girls and one hot glue gun? Well let's just say my knuckles are scarred. I think every single hair comb and head band in our has has a flower on it and if it doesn't? It will soon.

 Ok we'll stop now. That look is telling me she has had enough!

Sadly, I have no egg hunt photo's this year. It has rained almost every day for the last 2 weeks. OK that is only partially true. The ground was too wet so we had a hunt indoors and I didn't get any photo's are you ready for this.......I  forgot my camera!!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Christmas Bows?

Good Morning and Happy Easter! No you are not dreaming....I said Christmas bows. Sandi over at Bella Creations posted a fabulous Christmas Bow Challenge. The due date is today and welllll I worked like and ELF to get them done!! Sorry my photo's are not the greatest  I should have redone them this morning but this Elf is tired and ready for some Easter fun!
If you missed out on the Bow Challenge there is still time to get in on my Christmas Card Challenge. It doesn't close until the end of the month.
With no further ado here are my bows. I hope they really BOW you over! hahahahahaha!!

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's Scrap~Design Team

WooooHooooo I found out last night that I have made it onto the Let's Scrap Design Team.  I am shocked and super excited to have made it! Thanks again for choosing me.
If you are not already a part of this great scrappy community check it out. There are a ton of great sketches, great challenges annnnddddd great gal's!
I'm not sure if I can use my "application" page so I will just post a little peek for now.

                             Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Yesterday my husband comes home and says I saw a really cool old sewing machine at a yard sale. My first thought is who are you and what did you do with my husband? I love old vintage stuff. He? Uhhhhm NO. Off we go to check it out.

I have no use for it.
I have no space for it....but of coarse I fall in love with it.
Ends up they want fifty dollars for it. I think that is not much for something so old and beautiful. I know. Some of you are looking at it and thinking....junk.
I on the other hand look at it and wonder who owned it. How old is it. Did someone make baby clothes on it or maybe a quilt?

The drawers are beautiful and full of little treasures. There is a manual with the machine dated 1915. I'm not sure the manual is original to the machine. The attachment case shown in the manual is metal and mine is not although there is half of a metal case in one of the drawers. The attachment case is an amazing little wooden box that opens and closes like a star. I hope the pictures do it justice. It appears most or all of the parts are there. Even the oil can which I forgot to photograph. I am on a mission to find a belt and see if I can get this baby sewing!!
My other mission is to find out more about the machine. I went to the Singer Site and  I just cannot find my model. L963505. I found L models but not mine. If anyone knows anything about these machines I would love to hear from you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunny Day

OK So all I can say isssss maybe I should stop making sun related pages!! The more I daydream about sunshine....the more foul weather we get! LOL Last couple of pages...snow. This week? Rain predicted for nearly every day. humph. Maybe I should do some snow pages!!
I used yet another Inspired Blueprint for this page. This was the sketch they used for their Design Team call. I didn't make the team but I sure did enjoy this sketch. I'll keep trying.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jingle Bella Say What?

That's right. Jingle Bella. What is that you ask? Well it's a group over at Bella Creations. It's a Crafty Christmas Club to be exact!

Sandi from the Bella Creations Design Team created this fabulous group. It's all about putting together a basic holiday stash.....a little at a time. She kindly asked me to head up the CARD section of this group which started in January, although you can join at anytime. So far the group has created just over ONE HUNDRED CARDS! This months card challenge is posted as well as a fabulous bow project from Sandi.

Anyone remember my pup page? Well look where it is featured! Yes. Jenni Bowlin's featured page of the week is none other than my pup Stanley! Isn't he so handsome! I am dang excited.