Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Scrap Card And Some Easter Pic's

I really wanted to work this card sketch from Let's Scrap. So much so that I whipped up a card on Easter morning. It's pretty simple but I was happy with the results.

The Easter Bunny sure did hook Kelsey up this year and I must say. Mommy is jealous. There is a lovely PINK ATG Gun in her basket and a hot glue gun with flowers on it! Hmmmmm that crafty bunny!

 I think she liked it!
Check out the flowers in her hair. Felt flowers, our new addiction. Good thing that bunny brought her own hot glue gun cause let me tell you....two girls and one hot glue gun? Well let's just say my knuckles are scarred. I think every single hair comb and head band in our has has a flower on it and if it doesn't? It will soon.

 Ok we'll stop now. That look is telling me she has had enough!

Sadly, I have no egg hunt photo's this year. It has rained almost every day for the last 2 weeks. OK that is only partially true. The ground was too wet so we had a hunt indoors and I didn't get any photo's are you ready for this.......I  forgot my camera!!



Sabrina said...

What a super cute card, Marie!! And congratulations on your new DT position :) Hey hey, your DD is beautiful!!

Jan said...

Beautiful Easter photo's and that basket is loaded with goodies :)