Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Yesterday my husband comes home and says I saw a really cool old sewing machine at a yard sale. My first thought is who are you and what did you do with my husband? I love old vintage stuff. He? Uhhhhm NO. Off we go to check it out.

I have no use for it.
I have no space for it....but of coarse I fall in love with it.
Ends up they want fifty dollars for it. I think that is not much for something so old and beautiful. I know. Some of you are looking at it and thinking....junk.
I on the other hand look at it and wonder who owned it. How old is it. Did someone make baby clothes on it or maybe a quilt?

The drawers are beautiful and full of little treasures. There is a manual with the machine dated 1915. I'm not sure the manual is original to the machine. The attachment case shown in the manual is metal and mine is not although there is half of a metal case in one of the drawers. The attachment case is an amazing little wooden box that opens and closes like a star. I hope the pictures do it justice. It appears most or all of the parts are there. Even the oil can which I forgot to photograph. I am on a mission to find a belt and see if I can get this baby sewing!!
My other mission is to find out more about the machine. I went to the Singer Site and  I just cannot find my model. L963505. I found L models but not mine. If anyone knows anything about these machines I would love to hear from you!


Jolanda said...

wow,this is so cool!!!and you really didn't pay too much!
I understand you fell in love with it!GREAT buy!!

Theresa said...

what a wonderful find. I think its awesome. i hope you get it running. that would be great. =)

mckinkle said...

Oh WOW Marie, this is just stunning! So very beautiful even in its present state.

What amazing luck to find such a treasure!

Im sure you will have many many happy hours with it!

Look forward to seeing its transformation over time!

Keryn x

Helén said...

It's beautiful!!

Just me said...

Wow, what a find! It looks great. I hope you're able to get it going!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh i think it's gorgeous! my grandma had one just like it - well ALMOST just like it. this one is way prettier. great find and even greater husband!

hugs :)

Jasmine said...

I feel just the same way...very nice. You should be very proud of your good deal.

Lynn's Place said...

I sewed on a machine like this... was my great grandmothers...WTG enjoy it

Kay Wallace said...

What a find! I have a Singer, my mother had a singer! I only wish I had my mother's Singer! Very much looking forward to working with you on Let's Scrap!