Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

WOW! How is it Christmas Eve already? I want more time!!! The holiday season is my favorite time of year and I'm sad that it's almost over. I wish I could bottle up that Christmas spirit! Another sad note, It was also our last night with the Elves! They were especially bad last evening. Clarissa tied up Maxwell and toilet papered our entire house! She had attached a role of toilet paper to the back of the Barbie Volvo and drove it all through our house! Clarissa's last stop was right into the Christmas tree! So glad it was Kelsey's "play" tree!

Once we got that mess cleaned up it was off to bake some cookies! I think that was a bigger mess than all the toilet paper. I soon regretted telling Kelsey that she could decorate the cookies anyway she wanted. Holy sugar!!

Later on we'll head off to Grandma and Pop Pops. Usually after we leave Grandma and Pop Pops we head off to Watt's Wonderland. It's a local light attraction that has become our Christmas Eve ritual. It's a couple miles of nothing but Christmas decorations. LOOOVVVVEEEEE it! We knew that it would be raining ALL day today so we decided to go last night. As usual it was awesome!

Well off to wrap the last of the presents and get ready for tonight. Soooo blog buddies I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Three more days to scrap time! wink wink.

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