Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hannah Montana Strikes in New York

With some nudging from Auntie Kerin, I finally caved in and let Kelsey have a Hannah Montana room. I fought it tooth and nail but what can I do...even I thought the pastel pink and green was for a baby. I guess that's my problem, I want her to stay a baby!
I also had some issues with the paint colors!! Three walls of Pepto Bismol and one wall that is Pepto Bismol struck by lightening!! It all worked out though. The paint, hot pink shag rug, the Hannah looks great. Kelsey is so happy about it she's even keeping her room clean. Let's see how long that lasts!!


Helén said...

Wow, that's a beautiful room!! I'm sure my little girl (she's 3) would love something like that!!

Anonymous said...

Its every girls dream - luckily my girls are too old for Hannah Montana but in saying that we have the purple look going on in their rooms. I bet she just loves it.