Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Finally a sigh of relief. My daughters cough is not completely gone but is starting to subside!! I really need to move, I think The Hudson Valley is really The Asthma Belt!! Anyway I finally started unpacking my stuff from convention. I had a really great time and came home with some cool stuff. Here is some of my Basic Grey loot. I can't wait to play with it!!

Here are some of my class kits, still in the bag UNFINISHED!! That was my only complaint about the classes there was just NOT enough time to finish the projects. The rest is still packed but I'll be sure to post more soon. Plus I need to put it away slowly so the hubby doesn't see how much more I came home with. LOL

I went to a couple of crops while I was there. The space is limited so I brought a bunch of card kits with me. Basic Grey of course. This card kit is the only project I finished while I was there!! I'm going to a friends tomorrow and plan on bringing my unfinished class projects. Wish me luck on getting them done. We usually chat more than we scrap! Plus I will be bringing my daughter with me. Not quite ready to let her out of my site and she likes to scrap too. So yeah, I'm not getting anything done tomorrow either. LOL At least it's a day out with friends!


Kim Dellow said...

Look at all that lovely stuff! Hope you daughter gets better soon and I love your cards. Kim

stampinlynn said...

Wow nice stuff here girl. Just love this blog tfs.

stampinlynn said...

Oops!!! sorry that last post is my canceled blog and it keeps creeping up on me in the strangest places. IDK why LOL sorry

- Brenda - said...

WOW - I'm jealous! Such awesome finds and the cards are gorgeous! Love them :) Best wishes for a very quick recovery for your sweet daughter.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear she's getting better! WOW! These projects are wonderful! :P