Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fifth Grade And Pages In Time Online Crop

Fifth Grade. I woke up Tuesday and realized just how big my daughter is getting. I must have been dreaming about the first day of Kindergarten.I woke up thinking she was five. Once I got awake the reality of nooooo she's not five, she's going into grade five....let's just say I had to hold back tears all morning. I'm simply going to post some pics. For those of you have been following my blog, you'll see what I mean about how grown up she looks!!!

and there she goes!! I was told to leave my camera at home cuz your not taking pictures of me at the bus stop!!! NOOOO SAY IT ISN'T SOOOOO!!!! Next year I bet I am not even ALLOWED to take pictures!! Can anyone tell me where this little girl went from last year? What a difference a year makes! Goodbye 4th grade, hello 5th. Ughhh.

On a scrappy note I just wanted to remind everyone that Pages In Time is having and online crop! It's starts tomorrow night. It's my first online crop as a DT member and I'm super excited. I have a card challenge, page challenge and I'll be hosting a game. Hope to see you there, oh and RAK's I'll be offering a RAK to the winner of each of my challenges and the game. Go to Pages In Time, from the home page go to groups~ Please join the Crop Group for details.


mckinkle said...

Oh Marie, MANY HAPPY RETURNS for your special birthday on Monday! What a special day it was for you, hope you had an amazing time! It's my hubbys birthday too!

Love your idea of listing 40 things that you love, that was a really great idea!

Well in those 12mths your daughter sure has become a young lady! She's bloomed right before your eyes, infact, shes probably done most of it in the water as she's spent so much time in there!
Isnt she stunning!
Blink and you'll miss the next 6 years too!

Keryn x

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh marie! is she ever gorgeous! looks just like you!!!! they do grow up fast. i can't believe jade is gonna be 5 - NOT grade 5 - 5 yrs old!!! and i'm just the grandma - lol.

so glad you stopped by. it's been a while. hope you are well (besides feels old) and that your summer was fabulous.

hugs :)

Sandi Smith said...

Happy belated birthday Marie...loved your post! Your daughter is gorgeous and she has certainly changed in the last year...they grow up way too fast!
I am going to try an drop by the crop sometime during the weekend.I am sure you guys will have lots of fun!
Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Oh wow, she really has changed,ie grown up, in a year. Cherish this time. And I'm sure you're going to take pictures anyway! lol Sometimes if you take enough of them of their backs, walking away from you. They'll decide it's better to let you take the pix and be done with it. Please tell Kelsey I hope she has a wonderful year. And that she's turning into a lovely young woman. Pats on the back to her proud mama!

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