Monday, September 6, 2010

40 Favorite Things

40. Yes that's right, 40. I woke up this morning and no longer had thirty in my age. 40. Sigh. I know. It's just a number but really 40? I mean seriously. I'm not ready for 40. So to distract myself today I thought about 40 things I really like. I'm going to list particular order. Just 40 things I thought about just to get me through the day.
1.My family~Of course...I love them more than they even know.
2.My friends~Ditto
3.Ulta~In fact I went there to day and bought some wrinkle cream. Figure since I'm 40 I better start thinking about that
4.Philosophy products~Amazing Grace, Pure Grace....any of the graces. giggle.
5.Lake George
8.Card making
9.Quilting~OK this I have never done before but I start on September 15th. Right now it's my favorite thing to daydream about.
10.Breyers Vanilla~Just plain all natural vanilla

11.Bakery Plus Cookies
13.Vanilla Milkshakes
14.Making Cards
15.Watching my daughter swim
18.Halloween~I make a big pot of Chili, hot spiced apple cider and about 20 family/friends. I'll be majorly sad when my daughter is too old/cool to trick or treat.

21.Dawn Dolls
22.Summer BBQ's
23.Purses and bags~I love tote bags!
25.The way the air smells in fall
27.Laundry~I know it sounds sick but there is something about doing laundry that makes me feel good

28.Housewives of any county.....I watch them all. Not sure what it is about those crazy beochs but they are my guilty TV pleasure. lol
29.Being a wife
30. Being a mom
31.Thunder and lightening storms~as long as we are all indoors and safe!
32.4th of July~We have a big party every year. I get to see family and friends that I only get to see once or twice a year!
33.Hand lotion and chap stick/lip gloss~I am addicted to both.
34.My husbands cooking
35.Bath and Body works hand soap

36.Yobo~A local Japanese restaurant that has the best Tempura ever!
37.Surfing the net
38.Magazines~Mostly scrapbooking, cooking, beauty tips..
39.Music~I listen to just about anything!
40.My birthday~Even if it's my 40th!!
Soooo that is how I made it through the day. Day one of my 40th year! Not so bad after all.


Ali said...

Happy Birthday Marie! Love your list :) I hit the big 4 oh last year and I've got to admit it took some adjusting lol. Good luck with your first 40 days of being 40 :)

Lean said...

Happy birthday...o is just your firts 40 oooo its a good cool age.

MommaSaid said...

Panera is awesome! Happy Birthday!

Jessica said...

OK... Now how did I miss this? You mean Marie's not on my birthday list!!!! Well I must do something about that! I remember being 40...just barely! lol I'm sorry I missed it, but I won't next year! Sorry! I wonder if I could come up with a list like that for my next b-day? I'll be 63~ holy cow! No...never happen! lol I hope your bday was wonderful!
Hugs, Jess