Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Spring Happy Anniversary

Yay!! Spring has finally arrived and left already. At least we had one glorious week of it! Back to rainy and cold today. Anyhow I got some scrappy stuff done over spring break. I made a Spring page for the current challenge over at Noel Mignon. I say current because often, I don't finish them in time for submission. No excuses this time. The only requirement was to use Spring in the title. Easy Peasy, thanks Noel.

Another page was for a Sketch Challenge over at the Scraproom. Susie always has awesome sketches and will be hosting a 10 week sketch class starting in May.

Inspired Blueprints has also been coming up with some kick ass sketches! I did this one using some of my Noel Mignon kit.
My weekend was just awesome. Saturday was a perfect day for a bike ride. Now mind you, I haven't ridden a bike in, ok not going to say how many years but let's just say a VERY long time and oh, I don't own a bike either. There is no deterring an 8 year old though. She traded her bike in for roller blades and wasn't taking no for an answer. Now granted I'm breaking the law hear because I rode without a helmet but lemmeee tell you!? I had a blast!! I got in touch with my inner 8 year old and now am on a mission to get myself a sweet ride. I'm sure my neighbors had a blast watching a 200 pound woman careening through the neighborhood. WoooooHoooo Big Momma rides again! Oh check out my kid on adult roller blades. I swear, I wish I had half of her natural athletic ability!!

This weekend was also our anniversary. 12 whole years and can you believe it. I still like the man. Now I don't mean I just love him, I still like him. He is a genuinely good guy. Ok enough mush and on to the anniversary gongs. Yeah, I said gongs. We went to our favorite restaurant, Yobo. Had a great meal. Got ready to leave and waited an unusual amount of time for the check. Next thing I know there are about 8 men with gongs and instruments storming our table. I look at my husband and started to say what the f and I realize he's as freaked out as me. Yeah, they came to our table. Sang something in Japanese and banged gongs. You know only a couple of people were looking at us right? Then just when I thought it was over? They took out a camera and started snapping pictures. Mother of god I wanted to crawl under the table. Remember now, I use to be a size 10 and wellll since the thyroid got ripped out.. let's just say I'm NOT a size 10 and I don't do things to bring attention to myself. Men banging gongs and snapping pictures. snort I'm thinking I'm going to kill someone. What happened next though was so touching I couldn't even be mad. We were presented with our check and instead of a check it was a card from my SIL saying Happy Anniversary dinner was on her! How freakin sweet was that, we even got a little keepsake. So cheers to another 12 years!


Jillene said...

Spring has come to us....that is until Thursday. Then back to rain.

I hope that you had a Haappy Anniversary!!

The LO's look GREAT!!

Jen Martakis said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you!
Glad it was wonderful!

I know about the Spring coming and going. It's cold here too after a warm weekend. :( Boo.

Love your layouts lady!

Darlene said...

what a great anniversary surprise even though you were embarrassed! COngrats!

And awesome layouts!

- Brenda - said...

Happy 12 years!!! Woo hoo - that's quite a milestone! We have been married 13 and you're right, it really helps to like your husband :) Love the layouts - they are beautiful!

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