Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disney and Basic Grey

What do they have in common? Nothing really. But do you wanna know why Kelsey is so happy? Surprise trip to Disney. Yup 1500 miles away from me for an entire week! How did I let myself get talked into that one. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but truly? It sucks! I miss her terribly. I think I'm going through withdrawal!! The house it too quiet. There's no laundry on the bathroom floor. I'm not rushing off to the bus stop or swim practice. Eeek. I'm bored. What's a girl to do with so much free time? Clean, do laundry? Yeah right! You all know I dug out my scrap stuff and played!!
I did this page on Saturday, the day she left. sniff sniff. I submitted it to Basic Grey and WOoWoO! I got the email today, they accepted it.

I submitted this page too but they didn't accept this one. I actually thought they would have chosen this one and not the other. I thought maybe they didn't accept this one because I used a sketch but then remembered that they accepted a page I did using a Becky Fleck sketch sooo...I guess they just didn't like this one. Oh well. I LOVE the design of it. I used Inspired Blueprint #16 for it. I like the sketch so much I think I'll use it again. My hubby hates this page. He thinks she looks like a gangster and I should have used a better picture. He doesn't get that her giving the peace sign gave me the idea to use the Live Free title. Non scrap-booker's. They just don't get it!!


chelemom said...

Love these LO's!!!! Both are gorgeous!

Helén said...

I just saw your LO on the Basic Grey website and thought I'd pop by and congratulate you! You've done a wonderful job and I'm not surprised it was accepted!
How do you submit something to their gallery?? Do you have to be registered, invited or something like that?

Jillene said...

I wish I was on a surprise trip to Disney!!

Both LO's are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Great LO's! I love the colors and Basic Grey always has the greatest stuff to work with :)


- Brenda - said...

I love your scrappin' style - your pages are beautiful! Congrats on BG!