Sunday, May 17, 2009

Middletown Arts Celebration

A couple of weeks ago my daughter came home with an invitation to the Middletown Arts Celebration. Along with the invitation came a letter addressed to my daughter to inform her that a piece of her art would be show cased it also congratulated her for all her hard work and dedication to her art. Hellloooo how did crafty Mom not know that her daughter was an artist? She has her own scrap desk and a ton of supplies. We play with paper, we color together but I had no idea that the girl could draw!! Check out her self portrait. Anyone know whose style she copied?

I was really amazed by the quality of this Art Celebration. I'm feeling bad that I didn't take more pictures. The HS work was AMAZING with multiple award winners. I don't remember there being that many talented people when I went to HS? Looking at all that artwork really inspired me. Damn I wish I could draw. I did manage a couple of pages for The Scraproom Sketch Class. Here is sketch number one.

Then I skipped to number four. I had all these pic's from Mother's Day and thought this 2 page sketch was perfect for them. I hope I don't get an F for skipping!


Jillene said...

Her painting is AWESOME!! And as always your LO's are AMAZING!! I wish we lived closer to each other so we could scrapbook together!!

CathyR said...

Your daughter's painting is wonderful. Such talent.

Great page. I've skipped around on the sketch class too. I still need to do #4.