Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Basic Grey-June Bug

OK, I MUST HAVE THIS!! EVERY DROP OF IT!! If anyone knows when or where I can find it?? Lemmmee know!!

Update-This cute stuff will be available in June. sniff sniff. Stamping feet because I want it now!!

Got some pre-order info here. Thanks Babs!


Jillene said...

SOOOO cute. Have you tried Googling it?

Barb Nelson said...

You can pre-order it here:


I've never shopped there, but it was the only pre-order I could find. (But I only did a quick search.)

StopAndScrap said...

We'd love to have you try us out! If you pre-order with coupon code JUNLEM by 5/25 you'll get 5% off your entire order of Basic Grey June Bug and Lemonade. www.StopAndScrap.com

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

Hi Marie!!! Thats the first time I have seen that BG! OMG I NEED IT TOO!!!! Can you send me your addy hun, would love for you to home my "for you" card!

hugs mandyxx

Danielle said...

OMG is that kit ever ADORABLE!!!!!!

- Brenda - said...

That stuff is WAY cute!!! I think I might need to have that too :)