Sunday, March 22, 2009

What A Weekend

Wow, I went from being on the couch to feeling like someone launched me out of a rocket. I'm so tired, I 'll be glad to go work tomorrow.huh huh snort. Yesterday was my daughters swim championships. We had to arrive for warm ups at 7:30 a.m. The meet started at 9:30 and finished at 2:30. Nothing says love like sitting on child size bleachers for 8 hrs when your just recovering from pneumonia. I tell you, the humid air and the smell of chlorine were not my friend! My family was worried about me and kept telling me to go outside for air good god people it was the championships!! I finally got pissy and told them if I actually passed out just throw ice on me and prop me up when she swims. Nothing like being mean to your family when they are all just worried about you. Shame on me. But really theday wasn't about me, we were all there to see Kels. Aside from feeling crappy it was a great experience. It started with a parade of champions that nearly brought tears to my eyes. It's her first year of swimming and I wasn't expecting this to be that big of a deal. She swam great and only had trouble with one race.
It was one of those scare the crap outta Mommy moments!! She dove way too deep and didn't come up right away. I had the spilt second feeling of oh my god she cracked her skull! When she came up she clearly had taken in some water. She was able to finish the race but you could tell she never quite got her bearings. I'm not 100% sure but I think she won at least one individual medal and possibly a team medal for the relay. The scoring system is still confusing to me. All of the children are seeded, that just sound so harsh to me, but that's the way it is. So even though she did well if she wasn't in the top 8 overall in at least one event, no medal. Thankfully they do top 8and not bronze, silver, gold. We'll find out in a few days if she's getting a medal. Keep your fingers crossed. Also keep your fingers crossed that my BIL got better pictures than I did. I only took a couple and they came out like crap!!
When we left championships, are day really began. We went to Yobo, it's are favorite restaurant. Authentic Japanese cuisine. yum. From there we went for a trip to Orange County Choppers. Although I'm not exactly a biker chick, it was a really coooool place. They had a bike to honor the fireman who were lost in 9/11, many of the men were local to us. I don't think my photo does is justice.

Today was a little more laid back. We went out for breakfast. A trip to Target and a visit with baby Sean. Oh and I got one page done this weekend. It's for a sketch challenge over at The Scraproom, the sketch is by Susan K. I also did a little on-line shopping this morning. Did anyone else get Noel's new kit?? Love it!


Darlene said...

Me me! I ordered her awesome kit! I love that new's great. I have that same pp...

Sounds like you had a LONG weekend, but a fun one at least!

Glad to hear you are feeling better :)

Jen Martakis said...

Glad to hear you made through the swim meet. I know that bleacher pain. LOL **croosing my fingers for a medal!

Love your layout!!

Kim Dellow said...

Boy, well done for battling through the heat and chlorine after being ill, doesn't sound like fun - but winning medals does :) I have my fingers crossed for her! Lovely LO :) Kim