Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ear to Ear Medal Winning Grin

My daughter got a medal WOO WOO and don't you know, I didn't get the ear to ear medal winning grin. I didn't have my camera when she got it!! This is the morning after photo. I also missed an opportunity to get a picture of the medal in it's original state.I know, bad Mommy bad Mommy, and I call myself a scrapbooker!! snort. Ten minutes after she got it, she flipped it over?! RIPPED the label right off of it! You know, the label with all important information that ten years down the road we won't remember. Her response to my horror? "whaddaya need to know for Momma, I got the medal...who care's about the label". Guess I should start caring less because when she slopped her dinner on it? Yeah, I wasn't happy about that either. So here she is with her label less dinner slopped swim medal. humph. I know, chill out Mom at least you got a picture before it was completely trashed. Yeah, I thought I would play nice Mommy and I let her wear it to school. You know the ribbon part looks like it went through a shredder right? humph. Try again next year.

If you went to the My Creative Mess site and didn't find it, it's because it's no longer My Creative Mess. Due to some crazy circumstances Jenn had to change the name of her blog. Here is the new link to My Creative Mess now known as Creative Chaos.


Darlene said...

hey at least you got this pic. How exciting she got a medal!

And off topic, my friend has that same faux finish on her walls. lol!

Lan said...

Hi, thanks for leaving at comment on my blog, you have a cute daughter!

Susan said...