Thursday, March 19, 2009

View From The Couch

I am sick of the view from my couch. No pun intended. I have been home sick with walking pneumonia for over a week now and I've decided that I'm a slob!! I've noticed every cob web, finger print, out of place knick knack, pile of name it I've noticed it!! How is it that some people get the neat gene and some of us get the gene that says collect as much crap as you possibly can and then buy more crap!! OK can you tell I'm starting to go stir crazy?? It might have something to do with the steroids too. After being sick for a week I went back to the Dr. on Monday and he says, your lungs haven't improved. Let's put you on some steroids and get you back to work. HELLLLLOOOO I say why didn't you put me on steroids last week?? Not that I'm looking forward to going back to work but hey, breathing normal is good.

What else did I learn this week? I have no scrap style. In between coughs I managed to make one page and three cards and they are all over the place. The page weighs about two pounds and my cards look plain in comparison. What am I doing wrong? I've also come to the conclusion that I just can't take a good picture and it's really starting to piss me off! Flash on, flash off, macro on, macro off, zoom in, zoom out. Arghhh!! I'm one of those people that occasionally gets a good shot and that's it. Can you also tell that I'm sick and the sun isn't shining here today. I think it's time for some chocolate. Oh and top it off the school called to tell me that they have my smart beautiful honor roll princess in the office. She's going to be suspended and sent to the social worker. For SPITTING in someones face. WHAT????After I nearly have a stroke they figured out that she stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry. She didn't actually goob in someones face on purpose!! Whew!! Of course by the time this all got figured out I had already called my husband who had plans of backing over the Wii, he called Pop Pop was ready to cut off the college fund and so on. I had to call everyone back, oops false alarm.

I used a sketch from So Sketchy for the thank you card and more bird stuff from my Scrapbook Cirlce kit.I think I used half of my Nightingale kit on my grow page but as usual Noel knocked it out of the box with her kit. This is for the Wedding Cake Challenge over at Noel Mignon. If you didn't get this kit check it out, it's really LOADED!! Off to see if I actually have some chocolate in the house!


Scrappin' Mama said...

Wow Sis, I hope you feel better soon. Get Well. Your LO are gorgeous!!!

Helén said...

Sorry to hear about the pneumonia, but I hope those steroids will help you get better soon!
I laughed when I read about all the things you've noticed while being sick - I'm the same way. No neat gene here either...

I love your LO, it's beautiful!!

ALLY said...

Great card Marie! Cute creations!

I have put the card up on the So Sketchy March contest Slide. Good luck for this month's contest!

Perky Nihilist said...

Sorry you're laid up. That's no fun. I'm stranded on our couch myself, looking at the splashes on the wall, dirty windows and dust bunnies. I think our minds reach out for things that need tending.

Wow! Your LO is awesome. Holy cow!

And your cards are very pretty. Simple is a good thing.

I take my pics in natural light (when I can get it) near a window or on our back steps. It's so hard to get a decent picture.

Get better.