Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet Stanley

Meet Stanley, our third hand puppy! This adorable puppy went through 3 owners in less than hour!! In our case....fourth time was a charm. lol Walking into Shop Rite last weekend, there it was. The dreaded box of cute puppies. As my mother (yes my mother not my daughter) said awwww lets look at them I pulled her by the arm and said "I don't want a dog and you don't need one. Keep walking!!". When we came out of Shop Rite I saw a man in a little car with one of the puppies. The puppy looked at me with the saddest face and what pops into my head? That's my puppy!! I have no idea what made me think that. As I said earlier. I don't want a dog. I'm a cat person, not a dog person. None the less I felt like he should be mine. As I was gazing at the most adorable puppy I've ever seen? The man's wife comes out of Shop Rite. Took one look at MY puppy and said OH HELL NO GET THAT PUPPY OUTTA MY DAMN CAR and a few other things I won't repeat here. On that note I high tailed my cart to the car. Told my husband and daughter that there was a puppy we had to go see. We pull up, I roll my window down and in my sweetest voice say ohhhhh can I see your puppy and surprise surprise the man says "lady you can have my puppy". Thank you very much, don't mind if I do!! So I am the proud owner of Stanley a 7 (almost 8) week old Cocker Spaniel who went through 3 owners in one day. That's right 3. Before the man took him a women took him. Shortly after she took him she changed her mind and talked the man into taking him....I guess he was destined to be ours. Since he was third hand I wanted to name him Thrift Shop but Stanley suited him better.

This weekend we had some swim excitement. My daughter had an ESSL Championship Meet. It's her end of the season league meet. Out of around 16 teams she finished FIRST overall in Breast Stroke and third in Freestyle. She will be getting 2 medals and a ribbon. I'm so excited for her and just a little proud. lol Here she is in the orange cap swimming a 25 yard Breast Stroke. Her coach who is leaving this season is at the end waiting to high five her. It's one of those happy/sad moments to have that on video.

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Theresa said...

awww.. what a sweet little baby dog. he was meant to be yours. I'm sure he will be very loved.. =) just think of all the cute dog scrapbook paper you can buy now.. =)