Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November What???

Is Novemember really almost over? Did my daughter really turn 9 yesterday? Is Thanksgiving Thursday? Do I need to start Christmas shopping? OMG What happened to the month of November? I'll tell ya what happened. Asthma, swimming, asthma, more swimming, sinus infections, two birthday parties and Facebook. Yeah Facebook. I never knew I had Tony Soprano lurking inside of me. I can't tell you how much fun I've had whacking gangsters! It's been a great way to take some aggression out legally!
This month has been a series of highs and lows. Such as life I know...just tired of the lows. How often does my girl have to fight off asthma. She gets this cough that just grabs a hold of her and wont let go. We have been lucky enough to stave off H1N1though so that's a plus. She also got a long awaited H1N1 shot. That has been the only upside of asthma, it made her eligble for the shot.

On the crafting front I've started my Christmas cards, made a couple of pages and a card for Kelsey's Birthday. I also got all of my swaps and challenge prizes mailed out yesterday so if anyway has been waiting on something from me...I am so sorry for not getting everything out sooner!!

I hope you all have a Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!


Ali said...

Hey Marie - no good about the asthma, hope you can get it under control - Angus gets the barking cough too. - Lucky swimming is so good for those lungs. In Australia everyone can get the flu shot for free but since we're coming into Summer we only got Angus done - the rest of us can wait till those at risk are all done :)Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Ax

mckinkle said...

Gorgeous card Marie, hope you manage to catch up with some of the things on your list! Before you know it, xmas will be just a collection of photos on your camera!

Have a super Thanksgiving!

Keryn :D

Ali said...

oops forgot to tell you I gave you an award - hop over to my blog to check it out :)

- Brenda - said...

Marie, so sorry to hear of all the junk going on in your life - really sucks it out of ya, doesn't it? Hopefully it's all behind you for now and you'll be able to enjoy your holidays :) Beautiful card!