Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Pics

I just wanted to add an update to this post. Thanks for all of the love and comps on the kids. I must tell you. Kelsey is the only one who is my child. The boys "my nephews" belong to my bff Kerin. We have spent every Halloween together for the last 15+ years. It just so happens her boys look more like me than my own daughter! lol When Kelsey and Kyle (her son who is a year older than Kels)were young we would take them out and people always thought Kyle was mine and Kelsey was hers. So although they are not my boys by birth or even blood, they are my boys in the sense that I love them all to pieces!

Every year for the last 8 years we gather at my house for some Halloween fun. My parents, my in-laws, cousins,'s one of my favorite holidays! Here's the run down.
Matthew-high school, won't dress up anymore, won't allow pictures.
Kyle-5th grade, will still dress up, will only allow pictures if he's trying to kill Kelsey. lol
Kelsey-4th grade, would dress up everyday, loves the camera (at least today anyway)
Sean-toddler, had a costume but got overheated, cute enough to go without, the camera loves him!

Oh the new blog header pic was taken at one of our local haunted houses. I thought it was ghoulishly funny!


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for sharing pix of your family. Kelsey is beautiful, and the lttile you said, cute enough to go with out a costume!

Kim Dellow said...

Oh fab! Love the piccies - thanks for bringing a smile on my face. Kim

Lori said...

Hi Marie, found you through S&CF. Your post is too funny and so on the mark! And, your youngest son is adorable! The camera does love him! LOVE your banner! Too cute!

Queenie said...

Hiya Marie and thanks for sharing the great pics!!
You are sooo right about the kids and had a giggle reading about them.
Love love your header.

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

what beautiful looks like a great time....have a wonderful weekend!

enjoy *~*

Heather the Mooselover said...

Cute pictures of your kids. Vampires seemed to be a popular choice of costume for the 4th graders in my neighborhood too.

- Brenda - said...

Great pictures Marie! Love your daughter's costume :)

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

looks like you had a fantastic halloween!

there is an award for you on my blog hun!

hope you are keeping well, hugs mandyxx

putter said...

Marie, all your pages are just so beautiful! And yes so are all the kid's Love Putter