Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Break

WootWoot Summer is finally here. Thursday was our last day of school. We are both off now for the next 8 weeks. Speaking of which does it seem we go longer each year? Seriously, we ended right at the end of June this year and we go back September 1st or 2nd! Ok so can you tell I need a break? Kelsey and I ended the school year with the flu. Fun stuff. She had it last week and me this week. Fortunately it was fast and furious and we each only missed a couple of days. Kids of course are so much more resilient. Fever of 103 one day, swimming in a meet the next. She won two of her three races and came in second in third. Was that confusing? Won two and second in the third? It's not even 7 am as I type, I'm confusing myself. I've only had a few sips of coffee and by now I usually have had two. We are leaving soon for vacation and I'm not wanting to drink too much. We are leaving soon for vacation and I'm not wanting to drink too much.

We have had so much rain my daughter has been going out and trying to swim in it. I'm sure the neighbors are saying geeeez get the kid a pool already!!

Anyway before I head out to Lake George for some much needed RR I thought I would post a few pics. Wish me good weather! Have a beautiful summer!


Christine said...

Have fun what a blessing to be able to go away enjoy your summer!

- Brenda - said...

Have a wonderful time on your vacation - how exciting!!! Love the pics of your daughter dancing in the rain, so sweet. Your neighbors are probably smiling as they see her out there doing that. Ahhh, those summer time activities that always bring a smile :) Enjoy!

Danielle said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation/holiday!!!

YUCKY that you got stuck with the flu during the last week...that's not good! My little guy was also sick :( Big Bummer!

Jenny said...

Beautiful layout and gorgeous photos! Here's to a wonderful summer break!!

Ali said...

Summer oh I wish! It's deepest, darkest Winter here... Have a fab holiday Marie - soak up some sunshine for me :)

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

so happy my card found you!

hope you enjoyed your holidays!!!

hugs mandyxx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what a gorgeous little girl! and such pretty pages. way to go.


Noel said...

Where did you find your daughter an October Afternoon Swim Suit!?! :) That pattern is an exact match!