Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Stampin a Stack!

I've been a busy girl these last few weeks. Spring strings, field trips, field day, swim practice, swim party, swim everything whew! Oh and I work a full time job too. During all this craziness? I started a new hobby. Don't worry, I'm not giving up scrapping just broadening my horizons and trying my hand at stamping. Now mind you. Stamping is how I got involved with scrapping. I had a friend who was a Stampin Up demonstrator. I went to a couple few parties. I bought a good dozen stamp sets and then started scrapping and never touched those stamps again. If I were to be totally honest I would tell you that at least 5 of them were still new in the package uncut. Up until 2 days ago 7 were uncut. A couple of my scrapping friends well they swing both ways and stamp too. Anyway they invited me to a Stamp A Stack and now I'm addicted to stamping and card making. I've also fallen in love with Gorjuss Girl and Whiff of Joy stamps. The Gorjuss Girls have arrived and I can't wait to play with them. Swoon. It's kind of picture heavy but here's what I've been up to.
Here are my Stamp A Stack Cards

Here is my little fish and her coach at the swim party. I'm so proud of her, she made captain. By September she will move up from Bronze level to Silver. She's happy at the thought of moving up but sad about leaving her coach. They truly have bonded and we both love her.

Yup even my Mother got into the action. That's her there shaking her booty! She'll kill me if she sees this but hey if she's gonna still shake it at 60 I'm gonna have to photograph it!!

Spring Strings was quite the experience. My daughter has practiced her Viola ohhhh MAYBE 10 times the whole year and 5 of those times was the week before the concert. To my horror she informed me that she and another girl were 2 of the best players in her group. UHHH OH. You know I called the family and told them all to bring ear plugs. I cannot tell you how wrong I was!! I never saw anything as amazing as 60 third graders PLAYING strings. They were really good!! Unfortunately she doesn't think she wants to do it again next year. Here she is the night of the concert. I couldn't get any of her on stage it was just too dark.

We also had a couple of surprise visitors this month, or maybe last month. It's been so busy I'm losing track of time. May or June we were happy to see Baby James. They had a great time playing together and Kelsey even gave him his own private viola concert. My SIL said he was saying brabo(bravo)more, brabo Kelsey, brabo Kelsey more..and he said it over and over and over from our house in NY to there's in NJ. Ooops. Who knew he would like it that much.

Then Sean came to show us his new skillzzzz and his black eye. He's still working on the skillz. What is it about a kid with a black eye? Adorable right?

OK. End of super long post!


Jeanette said...

Hi Marie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is so nice to meet you.
I really enjoyed reading your blog. And your profile pic is a blast. Love it.

You left a comment for me. Are you going to join in Pay it Forward? I couldn't really tell by comment.
I sure hope so!

Lori said...

Marie-I saw your pic over at Jeanette's H20 Creations blog and just had to come and tell you that your profile pic cracks me up! So funny.

I read your blog and like you, I bought a bunch of SU things years ago and never touched them until this past November. Now I'm totally hooked on stamping and cardmaking!

- Brenda - said...

I LOVE those cards you made - I too have a passion for cardmaking, as that's where it all started for me, and I have to say I probably make cards more often than I scrap, but haven't been doing too much of either lately. Loved seeing all the activities you've been up to this summer, too. How fun! Have a great day :)

Jeanette said...

Hi again Marie. Please post on your blog at anytime. I will be sending your gift by the end of July. And, that is when you will be sending to your five. I'm so glad that you joined in. You can find my email address on my profile if you need it.


Kim Dellow said...

You have been busy, I love those makes, stamping is adictive :) And bet you is very proud :) Cute. Kim

Jenny said...

Love your cards,and wish I could find a 'stamp a stack' local...but so far, no go. :( I have a {secret} addiction to SU!

Again, beautiful pictures!!