Sunday, February 10, 2013

Instagram, Inspired Blueprints and Monkey's OH MY!

I haven't blogged or scrapped in quite awhile now. I made cards for my nephew's last week and decided that's going to, has to change! I forgot how much I enjoy both. I was also happy to use this monkey paper. Who doesn't love Sock Monkey's!

I'm also really enjoying Instagram annnnd I'm excited that Inspired Blueprints is back!! First new Sketch? Yup, it needs adorable 4X4 Instagram size photo's. Just the push I needed to get them ordered. Here is Sketch Number 81. Sketch 82 is out already but hey....I had to order pictures so one step at a time. lol
I actually ordered quite a few pictures. If anyone has other Sketches for 4X4 photo's...please share! I ordered my pictures from Prinstagram and I'm really pleased with them.

My other adventure has been Slow Cooker Freezer Meals. Once I get them all together, I'll share some recipes. It was a messy project but ohhhh so worth it! I have Chicken Fajitas cooking now and all I had to do was take it from the freezer and pop it in the Slow Cooker!


Carol S said...

Love the card..that paper is so cute!
Love the precooked freezer/crock meals too! I always tell myself to do that but I never listen! LOL
Happy Scrapping!

Laura Killgour said...

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