Saturday, August 27, 2011


The storm has come and gone. I ended up using many of my storm supplies. We lost power and had some water in the basement. I am still trying to clean up my scrap area and family room. Yes (shudder) I had some water in my scrap area. In comparison to others in our area? I am not going to complain!
The winner of the RAK is WILNA. She came the closest to guessing the number of tea light's in the basket. There were 137! and no I didn't count them. I had purchased a pack of 144 and knew how many I had taken out. Email your addy Willna

Well friends it's about 4:30 p.m. here in NY and apparently Irene is on her way. I've spent the last couple of days preparing for the storm and I am as ready as I'm going to be.
Water? Check
Snacks? Check
Flash Lights? Check
Batteries? Check
Duct Tape?Check Don't know if I'll need it but it fixes everything right?!
Camp Stove and Propane?Check
Candles?Check, Check, Check
Hubby thinks I might have been a little excessive in my candle planning but hey if we lose power for a few days.....I want to be able to scrap or at least do something besides sit in the dark! This is where my  RAK idea came from. I've taken a picture of my "lighting station". Note the basket of tea lights? GUESS HOW MANY TEA LIGHTS ARE IN THE BASKET AND I WILL SEND YOU A RAK FROM MY SCRAP STASH. Just leave me a comment with your guess. I'll choose the winner closest to the number. Let's sayyyy on Wednesday.
Some of our snacks. I even bought some instant cofee. I've heard it tastes terrible but hey,I've got some nervous energy going here. I might just need a jolt of caffeine come tomorrow!
I've got my copics and a bunch of images ready to go. I really need to learn how to use these markers!
Good luck to those who are in the path of the storm~"See" ya soon! 


~mindi~ said...

I hope everything goes ok for you guys, I will be thinking of you! As for the tealights....I am gonna say 100 because I do believe WalMart sells 100 packs like that!

Just me said...

I'm going with 97!
Hope the storm takes it easy on you! Stay safe!

Miranda said...

Hope you'll be safe!! Thinking of you.

Sandi Smith said...

Stay safe and my guess is 84.

Theresa said...

great preparation. I was watching the news and NY is getting a bit wet. I hope you are safe and didn't lose power.
my guess is 49!

Wilna said...

hey there, just checking in to see that the wind has not swept you up. take care and God Bless and protect you.

Wilna said...

lets say 109

Betty Anne said...

It seems I can post on here today so giving my count of 55 for your tea lights.

Marie (Mazz) said...

94 tealights Marie...take care of you and yours...what ever happens stay safe. xxx

Renee77 said...


Jessica said...

Hey Y'all, I hope all went well through Irene. And that you had enough candles! hugs,

Marie (Mazz) said...

sounds like you need a RAK Marie - to help with your own 'watered' stash !! PLEASE send me your postal addy via pm on facebook and I would LOVE to send you something !!! hugs to all of you xx Mazz xx

Wilna said...

Thanks Maria, hope you are drying out. hugs