Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kelsey's Swim Championship

Yesterday was Kelsey's League Swim Championship. She swam a 100 IM, 50 Breast and was in two relays. One of which is the Presidential Relay. For that race they only use four kids from each team. There are over 100 kids on her new team! She was over the moon to be chosen and I was beyond proud.
Here she is swimming against her biggest nemesis! Kelsey is in the 4th lane from the bottom (blue cap and suit)and her rival is in the lane right above her. Usually this girl wins and my daughter fears swimming against her!! Watch the video and see what happens.
I have to also say how impressed I am with swim kids on a whole. Even though these kids put it all out there to win? When the race is over, win or lose they still end up laughing with each other on the pool deck. In fact Kelsey and her nemesis were seen fist pumping each other right before their relays! Gotta love that.
Next stop. Junior Olympics!

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mckinkle said...

Well done Kelsey, what a fabulous achievement!

Loved seeing her do it on your vt, tfs with us all!

Keryn x