Monday, February 21, 2011

Swimming, Swimming and More Swimming

My daughter was sidelined for awhile with a knee injury. A sprained MCL to be exact.For a couple of weeks she didn't swim at all and then when she did swim? She swam without her legs using a pull buoy. For any of you that know her, swimming is "her thing". She loves it and works really hard at it.
She even qualified for the Metropolitan Zone's Team Qualifier. A week and a half before the meet she got the all clear from the Orthopedist to swim. We thought about not letting her go. I was worried about her knee and we all questioned if she was actually in good enough shape to swim in such a meet.
To make matter's worse? Day's before the meet? She got sick. Sick enough that her coach tossed her out of the pool and said her best bet was rest. This being the same coach that said she needed all the practice she could get before this meet.
The night before the meet she coughed half the night. When I suggested we call her coach and scratch I was adamantly told NO! Hmmm is it possible that my baby is actually becoming competitive? So off to the Bronx we headed and swim she did!
Now it doesn't have a grand slam ending she didn't actually make the team but in my mind? Yeah. She did. My coughing, sniffing, out of shape kid swam her @ss off and came home with 3 medals. I couldn't be prouder.
Check her out.
Zone's Team Qualifier February 19th 2011 Lehman College, Bronx NY


Sandi said...

Exactly right Marie! Thanks for sharing the video - happy to be a long distance booster!

stampinlynn said...

Yahoo!!! wtg... tfs ...we will keep cheering on

mckinkle said...

I was wondering where the story was going to end and boy, did she do well!
Tfs your super talented young lady!
Keryn x

Just me said...

That brought a tear to my eyes! Everything she has been through and she pushed on. Way to go girl!