Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry and Bright

Page made this year using a photo from last year. Yes I am always a year behind with my holiday pics! lol

I hope you all a had a fabulous Christmas! It's been a very busy but happy holiday!We did some holiday baking, Christmas Eve at the in-laws, Christmas breakfast at our house and then off to my Mom's for Christmas dinner. Off to the mall yesterday to get candles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yankee Candles so my yearly ritual is to go the day after Christmas and get as many 2 for 1 candles as I can!! Tonight we are off to see a Christmas house. There is a local couple that decorated the inside of their home with 100 trees!! Should be fun.

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Pop Pop Levite's

Kelsey with Cousin James and his guitar.

Kelsey looking far too grown up to have just turned nine!!

Christmas morning at home.

Howard looking simply dashing in his Santa suit!

Christmas at Grandma Putter's house. AKA Linda from SCF.

Cousin Sean loved his blocks...ok really he loved dumping them and then watching his Mom pick them up. Just to dump them again. Sorry Auntie Kerin!

Santa left a big black scrap bag for Kelsey at Grandma Putter's house! So happy that this girl loves to scrap!!

Aunt Allie got Kelsey a Wilton Cake Decorating set and all the goodies to go with it. You know in the middle of all the chaos of Christmas day.....YES she had to make a cake! Her and Daddy made it from SCRATCH while I stole a little nap. Instead of Baking Cocoa they used Swiss Miss the cake also called for a COFFEE and MAYO which they also made from scratch. Surprisingly it was delish and she did a great job decorating it.

Kelsey and Grandma Putter made Hershey Kiss Mice and they were a big hit!! Too cute.


Ali said...

Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas! I'm always behind on my Christmas and Birthday pics too. Love all your photos but Howard is definitely my fav - very dashing! My Sparky has a Santa collar too lol :)

Danielle said...

WOW!!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas :) Your pictures are so beautiful!!!

Your daughter got a great scrapbooking tote :) TOO COOL!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Wow....that looks like an awesome Christmas....I just loved seeing all the great photos!!!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving such a wonderful comment!!! I just adore making new friends!!! :-)

Nilla said...

I wish you a happy 2010! Hugs Nilla