Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thank You Cards

The card binge continues! I loved this butterfly stamp so much that instead of making one, I made six! I also used of some more of my Basic Grey Porcelain and used my new EK Success punch. Those new compact border punches are a new favorite of mine.

On the home front the official swim season starts tomorrow. My girl will be swimming a 50 Freestyle, 25 Breast and a 25 Butterfly. I'll post the results and maybe some pics tomorrow. I have to be careful with my camera at the meets. The first meet ever I snapped about 50 pics and momentarily blinded a few swimmers. When they announced over the PA to please stop with the flash photography I was mid flash. Ooops. Couldn't even pretend that it wasn't me! Now I shut the flash off and just hope for a shot or two. Here is one of the pics I got at her first meet. What you don't see is the girl on the blocks ready to dive. You know, the girl I momentarily blinded with my flash. I never figured out who the swimmer was or I would have apologized. I'm sure I'm known as the lady who blinded so and so! Anyway, here is the pic. It's not the greatest but it does capture her nerves and her coaches encouragement. She ended up winning that race (backstroke) and placed second in Freestyle.


Ali said...

Wow you are a card making machine! I'm not really very good at cards but I'm happy to admire those who are :)Hope the swim meet went well!

- Brenda - said...

Love the card :)